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Ensure your design succeeds after production.

  • Which type of metal is best for your project?
  • Which type of finish is best?
  • What tolerance specifications are reasonable?

When trying to design on your own without these key considerations, oftentimes a design ends up with defects—or is wildly out of budget.

Consulting with a custom sheet metal fabricator can help preserve your design while maintaining the integrity of the materials, and ensuring a successful final product.

Custom Work for All Types of Companies

Blackstone has the expertise and capabilities to ensure that your custom sheet metal project succeeds—from the largest volume order to the smallest specialty job.

Our team is innovative, motivated, and results-oriented. Our expert engineers carefully assess quality, profitability, and customer service needs.

All services can be tailored to meet any project or industry requirements. We work closely with clients from all industries to turn their custom sheet metal designs into successful products.

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